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If you are a Business customer, you will need to nominate one Work landline phone number or one Mobile phone number to receive the Secure Code. Please do not use switchboard or fax numbers. We are continually assessing our technology to ensure we provide the best security for you. To keep your information secure, we safeguard our systems in the following ways:. We recommend that you not leave your computer unattended when logged into Internet Banking.

However, after a period of inactivity we will automatically log you out to reduce the risk of anyone else accessing your account information on your computer. To prevent someone from trying to guess your Password, access to Internet Banking will be blocked after a number of unsuccessful logon attempts. To confirm that there has been no unauthorised access to your account, when you logon to Internet Banking you will see the date and time of your last visit, and the details of your last online transaction. You are here: George Secure St. George Secure. Print this page Email. Bank online with an even greater level of security.

Enjoy peace of mind online. This level of security further prevents unauthorised access to your accounts and lowers your risk of identity theft and fraud. Choose to have the Secure Code sent to your mobile phone or landline telephone and you will receive it in seconds. Its free. We will not charge you for the phone call or receipt of the SMS.

Provide all three contact numbers Home, Work and Mobile so you can continue to bank online, wherever you are When requesting a Secure Code you will be asked to select your preferred delivery method and number an SMS to your mobile phone or a voice call to your landline telephone for that particular Internet Banking transaction.

A mobile number is ideal, as it travels with you A Secure Code can be sent to your Australian mobile phone number wherever you are, even overseas if you have global roaming activated. Do not use switchboard or fax numbers Please ensure the numbers provided are a direct line to you. Credit card gets rejected for a very silly reason which logically makes no sense. Who do you lend money Person 1: More than k per annul salary and all the rest of the criterion are the same for person 1 and 2. Any one with common sense would say Person 2 is eligible.

But in this case the Person 1 who is me ,gets credit cards approved a couple of years back and Person 2 who is also me gets rejected this time because I don't meet their lending criterion? Also the rejection letter gets posted to my old address,which clearly states the attention of detail of the case officer who has dealt with my application. I am giving one star to them as its mandatory to write a review or else they don't even deserve one.

We switched to St George with 3 house mortgages about 2 years ago. The first six months was so bad I remortgaged 2 of the properties with Commonwealth Bank straight up. I left the other one there because it was a good fixed rate and couldn't be moved without penalty. From a business perspective, we tried to organise an overdraft. The woman we were supposed to deal with was in Sydney and never returned calls or responded to emails.

In general the service from St George was absolutely terrible. Two formal valuations, a real estate valuation and a letter from my solicitor later - and their attitude changed to "all good, there's nothing you need to do". Then I get a phone call asking about our "business overdraft" and when we would be paying that.

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When I pointed this out, there was silence on the other end of the phone, apologies "must be looking at the wrong thing" and they hung up - never to hear from them again. Their internet banking facility is also woeful. The only netbank facility to need 3 verifications to log on and the portal page itself is not intuitive at all. It's just awful. They require end dates to be put in for scheduled payments - this should be optional.

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If I want a payment to continue without an end date I should be able to do that as I can on the other banks that I use. There is always a slight "attitude" whenever I speak to staff on the helpdesk, with a view that clearly I am doing something wrong. Again, I don't experience this elsewhere.

I am just biding my time until I can move everything away from their completely and not have to deal with them again in the future. If I could give less than 1 star I would. I have 2 investment properties with St George.

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I have been experiencing horrible customer services especially when dealing with refinance and discharge settlement. Just for one discharge settlement, the process took more than a month and still not settled. Nobody seems to care. I got passed around like a ball from the branch level to discharge team, to assessment team, to mortgage settlement services to outbound team, so on and so on. Every time I called, I talked to different person and received different advices for the same matter.

Every single department of St George is full of unknowledgeable staff. I get fed up and look around to find another bank to do business with. Must say st george is a horrible bank to deal with truthfully. In my sister and I set up a joint bank account with both to sign, well that is what I thought was the situation.


In my sister, who lives in the US, came to Australia harassed St George and stole all the funds, several hundred thousand dollars, she placed the funds into another account with St George. I complained to the bank and the financial ombudsman and after some 2 years the bank was ordered to restore the funds and they could not be withdrawn until my sister and I came to a written agreement. Unbelievably St George has just released the funds again to my sister.

I have visited the bank, spoke to an extremely arrogant bank employee who would not tell me anything. Applied for a credit and was approved three weeks ago - still haven't received the card. Phoned St George and they told me it was at my closest bank branch and I needed to go there to pick it up. Went to the branch and there was nothing there.

Wasting my time and petrol. Had to go in with a little baby too. They ordered a new one and said it should be there by the end of that week, still hasn't arrived by the following Monday. Customer loyalty counts for zero and an excellent credit rating isn't acknowledged when applying for a loan.

The more the better for them, so Unless you're applying for a huge mortgage you can forget it.

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You will tortured on a ride of frustration, hope, anguish, despair, hopelessness where they approve reject approve reject approve with conditions reject. It is a game you're set up to lose. Save yourself the pain. I can't wait to get out and never ever deal with them again.

Rejected overdraft of dollars despite next worth of 1 million. So slow to act on anything when using the automated application systems. Extremely difficult to deal with. Impossible to get answers which are outside their written scripts. Lost forms, no avenues to disputes.

I've been with this bank for a good 20 years or more and it's been a slow painful death for them ever since Westpac took over. The service is lousy. I went in to a branch, said what I needed and the lady said to take a seat as she isn't done with another customer. So I wait, I wait and I wait Ask them if they can help and sure enough they can.

I mean really lady at the desk? You couldn't just say a teller could help me with that particular enquiry and spare me a good 20 minutes? Apart from that I've dealt with too many crabby staff on previous visits. I guess the staff hate working there as much as I've grown to despise this institution. Their debit cards are lousy, PayWave fails withing months of being issued a card. I'm on the second dead card at the moment. They are so far behind on technology. No NPP?

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Retail banks are the dodgiest fraudsters around. Just look at the findings from the royal commission. So goodbye St. George, you're not going to skim interest off my finances any longer. I supplied numerous documents from pay summaries to taxation returns all of which were rejected as "not the right ones " and I kept being asked for a notice of assessment to prove my income which had already been provided with my taxation documents.

In total I sent over 10 emails with documents attached, every time I called and asked about the progress of my application I kept being told that I hadn't provided the right documents which had been sent numerous times. I was being told they were unable to confirm my income with the use of payee summaries and taxation documents all of which had everything clearly written on it. Plus I was being asked for documents that don't exist and documents which my employers don't provide and only provide pay summaries for taxation purposes. I was told that these are not offical and I should be receiving something else yet these were the only thing that I get from my government employer or my tax accountant - it was a complete joke!

When I asked staff to read my the emails detailing what I had sent it was ignored and I was told what I had sent was wrong yet they couldn't explain to me or read what I had sent to offer an explanation. Seperate to this I was sent daily emails asking for the same documents over and over and when I would call to provide the information nobody could tell me what it was they were after and why I was receiving the same emails. Honestly in all the years I have been banking with numerous banks I have never been dealt such poor service with a total lack of understanding as to what they were doing or what was required.

Consequently I have wasted hours on the phone which has cost me money and time spent. I will not wast my time again with this bank. I have been banking with St George for years such great customer service and really care about their customers which is great!