Sleep button iphone not working 3gs

The sleek design of the iPhone is so streamlined that the handset has little room for actual buttons, so turning the phone on or off isn't always as simple as it seems. Hold the button until you see 'slide to power off'.

Sleep/Wake button doesn't respond.

If restarting it doesn't work, try a reset, which is roughly the equivalent of rebooting your PC -- it turns everything off and restarts the phone for you. After that disappears, continue holding both buttons until you see the silver Apple icon. Your phone will then start up again. If your iPhone refuses to turn on, the first step is to make sure it's charged.

Connect it to the charger, wait a while, and try to turn it on again. If the phone's screen displays this image, you'll know it's charging:. Note that if your iPhone is very low on power, this screen may take a few minutes to appear. If the red part of the battery image flashes three times and then the screen goes black, your iPhone is not charging. If your iPhone won't charge at all, connect it to your computer via USB, and determine if it will charge that way. Don't use the USB port on a keyboard or monitor; always use a USB port that's on your computer itself, as they provide more power.

If your iPhone charges this way but seems to run out of power very quickly, use iTunes to check for a more recent version of the iOS software.

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Updating the software can fix a variety of problems. If that doesn't work, try adjusting some settings on your iPhone to conserve battery life. Turning off Bluetooth, setting the phone to check e-mail less frequently, and shutting off the phone's ability to search for and suggest new Wi-Fi networks will all conserve battery life.

Occasionally, however, those fixes still don't do the trick -- something I learned from personal experience. I had a year-old iPhone 3GS that suddenly began losing power rapidly. I could leave it plugged in for hours, but the battery would charge only partially. I could make one call before the phone would die completely. If that happens to you, the first fix to try is restoring your iPhone in iTunes. During the restoration process, you'll have two options: To completely eliminate problems, you should set the device up as a new iPhone so that you don't restore any troublesome settings back to the handset.

Make sure to sync the phone to iTunes before you restore it so as not to lose any music, movies, or apps on your device. If restoring your iPhone doesn't fix it, or if you are unable to get it to charge at all, you may need to take the phone into an Apple store for repair.

This is what I had to do: When I told her that I had tried those to no avail, I was able to get a new iPhone, as my handset was still under warranty. I had, luckily, purchased the extended warranty on it. If your iPhone isn't under warranty, Apple may be able to repair it for a fee. You also might be able to purchase a replacement battery from a third party, but remember that cracking open the phone's case will likely void any warranty you do have -- and it may cause Apple to decline to repair the phone in the future. If your iPhone is failing to connect to the Internet via your cellular data network, try resetting the phone.

After that disappears, you'll see the silver Apple icon, and your phone will start up again. If that doesn't solve the connection issue, try resetting the iPhone's network settings.

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  4. Note that you may need to re-enter any network passwords you had saved in the phone. If that still doesn't correct your problem, you may need to contact your network provider. If your iPhone is connecting to your cellular data network but not to any Wi-Fi networks, you can try resetting the phone and its network settings, as described above. You also can try connecting the iPhone to iTunes and updating the software, or restoring the phone.

    If your iPhone is having trouble connecting to one specific Wi-Fi network, try forcing the phone to "forget" that specific network. Go to Settings, Wi-Fi. Touch the right-pointing arrow next to the network name, and on the next screen choose Forget this Network. Then, reset the phone, find the network again, and add it back. While you're at it, confirm that you've entered the right Wi-Fi password, and reset your wireless router if necessary.

    Some users have reported that the iPhone's Bluetooth capability interferes with the Wi-Fi radio, so turn off Bluetooth to see if that fixes the problem. If nothing else works, take your iPhone to an Apple store for repair: Its Wi-Fi antenna could be failing.


    This complaint seems to come mostly from users of the iPhone 4, who have reported problems with both the front- and rear-facing cameras on their handsets. Apple offers a couple of suggestions for resolving the problem. First, it says to verify that you have not turned on any restrictions. You can find restrictions by going to Settings, General, Restrictions. Once there, make sure that the Allow Camera option is set to On. You also can tap Disable Restrictions. Other suggested fixes include updating the iOS software and restoring the iPhone via iTunes.

    If you choose the latter, remember to select the option to set the device up as a new iPhone so that you don't restore troublesome settings to the phone. And remember to sync before you do this, as music, movies, and apps on the phone will be erased. If none of those fixes work, you may have to take the iPhone to an Apple store for repair. Users have generally reported success when they've done this. The iPhone's Home button is necessary to reboot or reset the phone, both of which are quick and easy fixes to many iPhone issues.

    But what do you do when your iPhone's Home button doesn't work? Two common suggestions are to update the iOS software or to restore the iPhone through iTunes. If you restore, select the option to set the device up as a new iPhone, so that you don't restore problematic settings to the phone. And be sure to sync first. These fixes can resolve software glitches that may be causing your troubles, but an issue with the Home button could just as likely be the result of a hardware problem.

    If you suspect that hardware is the culprit, and your phone is under warranty or if you don't mind paying for a repair , take a trip to the Apple store, where they can help you determine the cause of the problem. That sounds to me like the Headphone jack assembly includes top button, volume, silent buttons has been either dislodged or damaged due to the drop. Two ways to fix this. If you are confident with taking apart your iPhone then you can try to re lodge the top button this means unscrewing it, re sitting it and hoping for the best.

    You will find that the button itself will most likely be fine, it will be the connection below it which will be the problem.

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    Below are two links, the first in how to install the top button, the second on what to buy to replace it. Now from experience the headphone jack assembly is very 'fidly' to install and takes a fair bit of patience, time and experience. If you are not confident with this then i would recommend to buy this.

    This includes the new headphone jack assembly pre-installed for your convenience. Just re install your logic board and you are good to go. Second option is to take your phone to an iPhone repair shop and let them do all of the hard work for you at a cost. But if you are not familiar with the internals of an iPhone i would highly recommend taking it to someone who knows that they are doing.

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    I have seen way too many phones come in with the customers trying to fix it themselves and end up breaking the entire phone. In addition to that the screen is broken just in that corner. Any resources you suggest other than you tube and this? I think your right though from what I've found so far it being the headphone jack assembly.

    Just wanted to see if there was a way to maybe fix the problem at its source cause it's possible it could be simply that since it was dropped. They are scary to take apart since you take a risk of damage. Thanks for the info this really helps me out! PS Haven't tried the headphone jack to see if its working if it is could that still be the problem? If its not would that mean the obvious?

    How to reboot iPhone 3G without using the sleep/wake button (which isn't working)?

    Not sure if that makes a difference weather or not the headphone jack works for your headphones. Oh okay. Well there is something you could do to fix it but it does have a risk of ruining it full stop unless you are very careful and patient. I have explained this in another post so i will give you the link. If the head phone jack, volume button and vibrator button are still working then that narrows the issue down to that flex ribbon beneath the top button. If they aren't working then that would show a fault with either the connector from the Headphone jack assembly to the logic board or vice versa.

    If your phone is not frozen, you can turn on "digital" versions of your hardware keys without erasing network settings as mentioned above.

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    A small white dot will show up on your screen, which you can move wherever you'd like to keep it. Tap the dot, tap device, and there is your lock screen, which if you hold down will bring up the power off red arrow. You can use these buttons the same way you would the "real" button.